1. Resources for Visura members

  2. Visura Founder Adriana Teresa Letorney will volunteer her time to connect with Visura members for a consultation review on the presentation of their profile and website built using the Visura platform. If you are a Visura member interested in this opportunity, please write an email editor@visura.co with Subject: "SPONSORED DESIGN REVIEW" to coordinate.
  3. Resources for Visura Storytellers who would like to join the Visura platform

  4. Visura is offering 100 visual storytellers, who need a website and would like to join the Visura community with a one-time sponsored annual PLUS membership. Additionally, our team will work with each new member in the next months to offer set up, transfer and design support at no extra charge. 

    • If you are interested, please sign up for Visura's FREE account. Then, send our team an email Subject: "SPONSORED ACCOUNT" to support@visura.co, and include in the email a message directed to Visura founder Adriana Teresa, and a link to your current website.

  1. Please know that this offer is only possible thanks to the over 90 registered members who supported this initiative (listed below)

  2. IN-KIND SPONSORS WHO SUPPORTED THIS EFFORT (in no particular order).
  4. Betty Zapata
  5. Rory Doyle
  6. Molly Peters
  7. Alec Jacobson
  8. Anna Colavito & Scout Film Festival
  9. Jennifer Cabral
  10. Julia Cybularz
  11. Omar Imam
  12. Mike Cullen
  13. Lianne Milton
  14. Barbara Davidson 
  15. Gian Marco Benedetto
  16. Laurel Chor
  17. Katherine Lotz
  18. Caroline Gutman
  19. Robin Rayne
  20. Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno
  21. Ingrid Halvorsen
  22. Ana María Buitrón
  23. Gulshan Khan
  24. Mariela Alvarez
  25. Jose Alvarado
  26. David Rangel
  27. Jonathan De Camps
  28. Theresa Ortolani
  29. AJ Baez
  30. KM Asad
  31. Gabriella Baez
  32. Delphine Diallo
  33. Thalia Galanopoulou
  34. Shuran Huang
  35. Ronen Tivony
  36. Dana Ullman
  37. Júlia Pontés
  38. Alicia Vera
  39. Valerie Berta
  40. Greg Kendall-Ball
  41. Rachel Goldstein
  42. Dennis Geller
  43. Anja Matthes
  44. Joel Anderson
  45. Lindsay Morris
  46. Andrea Star Reese
  47. Dawn Watson
  48. Sarah Rice
  49. Bruno Feder
  50. Btihal Remli
  51. Catalina Martin-Chico
  52. Spencer Drate
  53. Justin Cook
  54. Janine Worlikar
  55. Paul Matzner
  56. Gonzalo Pardo
  57. Sventlana Volodina
  58. Móricz-Sabján Simon
  59. Tara Cronin
  60. Nic Tanner
  61. Santiago Vidal
  62. Javier Álvarez
  63. Sokari Elkine
  64. Gavin Gough
  65. Emily Kenny
  66. Sylvia de Swaan
  67. Antonio Oleari
  68. Michele Abercrombie
  69. Nicky Woo
  70. Claudia Carbonell
  71. Jeffrey Zide
  72. Robert McPherson
  73. Jérémie Jung
  74. Shoun Hill
  75. Pedro Sa da Bandeira
  76. Eduardo Leal
  77. Craig Stennett
  78. Mich Stetson
  79. José Ramírez
  80. Lisa Elmaleh
  81. Octavio Hoyos
  82. Keith Rutowski
  83. Monika Chabicovsky
  84. Felipe Vargas
  85. Katie Orlinsky
  86. Zachary Bolton
  87. Sara Hylton
  88. Emily Williams
  89. Rory Hejtmanek
  90. Juan Diego Reyes
  91. Amanda Mustard
  92. Gonzalo Lobo Pinheiro
  93. Nicola Bertasi
  94. Andrés Yépez
  95. Rebecca Gaal
  96. Marilyn Santiago
  97. Isabella Lanave
  98. Silvia Ros
  99. Johis Alarcón
  100. Adriana Teresa Letorney
  101. Gabriel Letorney

Visura Relief Effort

The Visura community is supporting visual storytellers worldwide who have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic during these difficult times with over $40,000 in in-kind sponsorships. We will continue to work to announce new and further efforts—so, if anyone is interested in brainstorming ideas, please connect with us at support@visura.co.
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Visura Relief Effort is integrated to:
Visura site builder, a tool to grow your photography business
Visura's network for visual storytellers and journalists
A photography & film archive by Visura
Photography grants, open calls, and contests
A newsfeed for visual storytellers